Relocating Guide

Here is valuable information about relocating to Edenton and Chowan County. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need further resources. See "Who Retires in Edenton?"

And here is a handy Relocation Community Profile


Population:   14,739

Real Estate Taxes (Town):   $0.3785/$100 Valuation

Real Estate Taxes (County):   $0.725/$100 Valuation, .055 County Fire Tax

Sales Tax Rate:   6.75%


Temperatures average 60.9 degrees. The average for January is 42.3 degrees and for June is 75.3 degrees. Annual rainfall average 47.9 inches. Annual average snowfall is 4.6 inches and elevation is 19 feet.


Greenville NC:   1.5 hours

New Bern NC:   2.0 hours

Outer Banks NC:   1.5 hours

Raleigh NC:   2.5 hours

Norfolk, VA:   1.5 hours

Washington DC:   4.0 hours

Economic Vitality

  • Housing prices range from $100,000 to $1.5 Million.
  • Subdivisions are located throughout Edenton and Chowan County for home building.

Medical and Health

Vidant Health

Community Walking Trails Guide

Churches and Civic Clubs

Please call our office for a copy of our County Church Directory and Civic and Club Listing - 1/800-775-0111

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Elementary K-5:
White Oak Elementary School, K-2nd:   252-221-4078
D. F. Walker Elementary School, 3rd-5th:   252-221-4151
Chowan Middle School:   252-221-4131
John A. Holmes High School:   252-482-8426


Chowan County
PO Box 1030
Edenton NC 27932 252-482-8431

Town of Edenton
PO Box 300
Edenton NC 27932 252-482-2155